TRX Suspension Training

Come check out the hottest new workout in town, TRX. TRX started as a few lengths of parachute webbing and has developed into an entirely new and original category of functional exercise: Suspension Training. This ground-breaking fitness regimen was born in wharf-side warehouses, ships and submarines when Navy SEALS wanted to stay in peak condition but had limited space and equipment. TRX is an innovative and contemporary training method to safely and rapidly improve fitness.

Tuesdays 6:30 pm @ Balance Fitness Studio

2902 Garfield Avenue South


Try a ClassPass which saves you money and allows you to attend class whenever you want. Classes are limited to 5 students so click this link to reserve a spot online or email with the day you'd like to attend.

*Class Pass expires in 90 days.

*Single Class Drop-In: $20.00 | 6 - Class Pass: $114.00