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Hello and welcome, I created this site to provide my current clients with access to helpful information and materials, to have a little fun, and to assist new clients by streamlining the process of meeting with me. The goal of this site is to have a place where I can easily post forms, article, workouts, videos, and inform you about the exciting things I am doing. Take a moment to subscribe to my newsletter and connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. I'm happy you're here. Ben Lee

Why Train with me?

Experience Matters

I have over ten years of experience as a fitness professional. I work with hundreds of clients a year and each one has their unique goals, body, and dreams.

Fitness Philosophy

I enjoy working with people who are new or returning to exercise. I design safe, fun and effective programs that will motivate you to meet your individual fitness goals.


Having multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications in a wide range of areas allows me to help you better no matter what your situation.

Schedule an Appointment

I’m happy to announce that you now have the option of scheduling appointments with me online. I think you will find the convenience of online scheduling as exciting as I do.

To make an appointment simply click on the button below. With this system, you will able to keep track of all your scheduled appointments and access a record of all your past appointments. You may also choose to get a reminder emailed to you the day before your appointment or *cancel an appointment if something unexpected comes up.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon.


Ben Lee


Ben is just an incredible instructor. He has a very deep knowledge of anatomy, he is very insightful about the student's body mechanics, and these pieces of input allow him to provide tailored instruction individualized for each person. He does this with positive energy, empathy, and infinite patience. I know that I had constant back pain and working with Ben for 2 months, he has helped me work toward reversing this. I am very grateful for Ben's help.

- Andy Taylor

I had eight personal training sessions with Ben. Because I had already taken yoga from him, I knew he was going to be professional, intelligent and respectful, and that proved to be true. I liked that he listened well and really tried to find out what I would enjoy and what my future fitness goals are. The program we put together was interesting, fun, and seemed to fit me. Ben did a good job of knowing when and how much to push me to go further with various activities. I would definitely recommend Ben to to others as a personal trainer, and may go back sometime, also!

-Mary Harrison

I've taken classes from Ben for the past 6 months. His energy and commitment to motivating people to maximize their workouts is wonderful. I often struggle to stay on a consistent workout plan. Since starting these classes I've not only kept my schedule, I've looked forward to my workouts. Thanks Ben!

-Geoff Sheagley

*24 hour notice is required for cancelation without charge.